The Mantra Band

Indian & Sufi Music

Experience the enchanting rhythms of Nawab Khan’s Mantra band. With mesmerizing melodies and captivating beats, they create a musical journey that touches the soul.

Nawab Khan

As a master Santoor player and yoga guru, Nawab Khan is dedicated to teaching and performing Indian classical music and Naada Yoga that unite communities, express cultural preservation, and uplift one’s soul in a deep and profound way. Our mission is to empower, elevate, and transform lives through the universal language of music and yoga, welcoming everyone with an open heart and an open mind.

Europe Tour

Announcing the Enlightening Journey: Nawab Khan & The Mantra

Embark on a transcendental voyage through the ethereal realms of Indian classical music and the profound wisdom of Naada Yoga. Join us on our Europe Tour in May and June 2024 for an unparalleled experience of sonic healing and spiritual rejuvenation.

The Maestros:

Nawab Khan on Santoor and Chanting: With his virtuoso mastery over the Santoor, Nawab Khan weaves intricate melodies that resonate with the soul. His enchanting chants echo the ancient mantras, invoking profound serenity and inner harmony.

Shaizan Khan on Flute and Chanting: The mellifluous notes of Shaizan Khan’s flute transport listeners to realms of sublime bliss. His soul-stirring chants infuse the air with a sacred aura, guiding participants on a transformative journey.

Naim Khan on Tabla and Vocal: Naim Khan’s rhythmic prowess on the Tabla creates a mesmerizing tapestry of beats, elevating the musical experience to sublime heights. His resonant vocals add depth and richness to the spiritual odyssey.

The Experience:

Prepare to immerse yourself in the ancient art of Naada Yoga, where the vibrations of sound become pathways to inner enlightenment. Through the practice of mantra chanting, unlock the secrets of self-discovery and transcendence, as guided by our esteemed musicians.

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