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Boutique Nāda Yoga Retreats and Music Festivals Featuring Ust. Nawab Khan & The Mantra Band

Learn the art of nāda yoga meditation and experience the best of Rajastani music and culture in the comfort of our luxury heritage settings.

Nawab Khan

Musical Mastery and Spiritual Enlightenment

Nawab Khan seamlessly weaves the therapeutic threads of music into the fabric of healing. With a foundation in music therapy, he aims not only to entertain but also to heal and establish spiritual connectivity through Indian classical music. As a Naada Yoga master, he delves into the transcendental realms of sound and spirit, guided by his revered guru, Vidya Nand ji, to unlock the transformative power of yoga and meditation, offering seekers a sacred sanctuary to harmonize mind, body, and soul.

"Guru Nawab Khan brings a unique sensitivity to his music and to each of his many endeavours. His artistic vision, thoughfulness and peaceful nature is instantly felt and ever-present in his offerings to the world."

Timothy Bhai

Member Of Raaga Science

Welcome to Nawab Khan's

Raaga Science

Raaga Science, a division of Nawab Khan International, curates rejuvenating retreats and tours integrating music, yoga, and nature. Our transformative experiences unveil hidden strengths, fostering self-awareness and harmony. Join us to explore the depths of your being and unlock your true potential. Contact us to embark on a journey of self-discovery and renewal.

Inner Healing
Mystical Music Therapy
Physical Mending

Meet Raaga Science founder Ustad Nawab Khan

As a master Santoor player and yoga guru, Nawab Khan is dedicated to teaching and performing Indian classical music and Naada Yoga to unite communities, express cultural preservation, and uplift one’s soul in a deep and profound way. His mission is to empower, elevate, and transform lives through the universal language of music and yoga, welcoming everyone with an open heart and an open mind.”

What we offer

Discover yourself, discover naada yoga

Join our 4 day boutique retreats and music festivals and experience the following

Anxiety Relief

Explore on a journey to inner calm with Nawab Khan, guiding you through Naada Yoga for anxiety relief. Experience harmony amidst chaos, as sound and rhythm soothe your soul. Through breathwork and meditation, find tranquility and resilience under Nawab Khan's compassionate guidance. Embrace peace and joy anew with Naada Yoga.

Life Balancing

Delving into the harmonious realms of Naad Yoga and Music. Experience the profound healing power of sound, guided by Nawab Khan's expertise, leading you towards inner balance and self-discovery. Let him be your companion on the path to holistic well-being. Join us today!

Reduce Stress

Unwind and find inner peace with Nawab Khan's "Reduce Stress" program, blending Naad Yoga and Music. Let soothing melodies and ancient wisdom guide you to a calmer mind and a more balanced life. Experience tranquility like never before. Join us on the journey to stress reduction and inner harmony.

Cultural Learning

Take a trip across India's cultures with Nawab Khan's immersive music and yoga retreats. Savour a life-changing experience that lasts three to seven days, complete with colourful customs and tranquil scenery. Discover the vibrant fabric of Indian culture with Naad Yoga and music. Come along for an amazing exploration with us.

Music Therapy

At Nawab Khan International, we delve into the divine essence of music, harnessing its healing and guiding powers. Our immersive experiences transport you to the core of musical expression, enveloping you in mystical vibes that resonate deeply within the heart, mind, and soul. Join us on this transformative journey.

Music Tours

A Santoor virtuoso hailing from a lineage steeped in musical tradition. Join his transcendent musical tour spanning Europe, USA, Canada, Singapore, Thailand, and beyond. Experience the enchanting harmony of generations-old melodies brought to life on stage. Join us for an unforgettable musical journey.

Join Our Programs

Naada Yoga

Naad Yoga harnesses the transformative power of sound, guiding practitioners toward profound mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Through rhythmic breathing, chanting, and meditation, Naad Yoga cultivates inner peace, enhances concentration, reduces stress, and promotes holistic harmony. Experience its benefits as you journey toward self-discovery and inner balance. Join the program now !

Personal Musical Healing

With Nawab Khan, discover the calming power of Indian classical music. Explore timeless tunes that improve mood, ease stress, and calm the soul. With his mastery of the Santoor, Nawab Khan creates a soothing refuge that brings calm and consolation to everyone who listens. Set out on a therapeutic musical adventure now !

Boutique Tours

Indulge in a bespoke 4-day Boutique Tour curated by Nawab Khan, blending cultural immersion with rejuvenating experiences. Immerse yourself in enchanting Indian music concerts, Naad yoga sessions, moonlit meditations, and traditional massages. Engage in cultural exchanges, forging connections that transcend borders. Elevate your spirit and senses on this unforgettable journey of discovery.

Musical Concerts

Experience the transcendental rhythms of Nawab Khan and his band, The Mantra, in an electrifying music concert. With mesmerizing Santoor melodies and captivating beats, they weave a tapestry of sound that uplifts the spirit and ignites the soul. Join us for a musical journey like no other.

Pricing Package

Choose the best plan that fit for you

Standard Retreat and Music Festival

$ 300
/ Onwards Per Person
  • 3 Night Stay & Food at Chandelao Ghar
  • Raaga Music Festival
  • Nāda Yoga Sessions
  • Sightseeing and Local Markets
  • Cultural Dances

Premium Retreat and Music Festival

$ 700
/ ONWARDS Per person
  • Luxury 3 night stay at Pal Ghar
  • All-inclusive package
  • Small group size
  • Top-teir quality throughout
Best Seller

Dune Music Concert

$ 100
  • Visit Local Artist Village
  • Dunes Stay and Food
  • Sufi Music
  • Indian Raaga Music
  • Cultural Dance

The Mantra Band

Featuring a vibrant ensemble of gifted young artists.


What They’re Saying

Robin Terry
Robin TerrySoftware Professional
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"Nawab Khan's music touched my soul deeply. His Santoor mastery is unparalleled, creating an atmosphere of pure magic."
Raji P
Raji PNurse at Appllo Chennai
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"Attending Nawab Khan's concert was transformative. The melodies resonated within, leaving me with a sense of peace and serenity."
Richard Bravo
Richard BravoGraphic Designer - Canada
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"Nawab Khan's Mantra band uplifted our event with their enchanting performance. Their music speaks to the heart, creating an unforgettable experience."