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About Raaga Science

Started in 2019 by Nawab Khan, santoorist and music therapist from Jodhpur, India, Raaga Science was initially a small project intended to spread awareness of music as a healing modality. The initiative soon evolved into an online platform for live streams of Indian Classical Music presented by accomplished musicians and accompanied by detailed explanations. The idea was to present music not just as a “feel good” panacea but to deepen the viewer’s understanding of how it could be embraced in a meditative practice to enhance a healthy mind, body and soul. 

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Raaga Science also used the platform to organise relief initiatives to support artist communities and especially the self-dependent artists of India’s precious folk traditions.

Through our festivals and initiatives, Raaga Science has already helped approximately 500 Rajasthani artist families. 

We have organised paid performances for the following communities, which are available to view on our Facebook page:
Bhil community
Bhopa musicians
Rawan Hatta players
Kalbeliya artists
Langa musicians
Manganiar musicians
Mirasi musician
Traditional folk dancers
Brass band artists
Bhajan artists
Qawwali artists
Puppet artists
Street musicians
Dhol Thali players
Kachchi Ghori

We are now planning to reach 5000 artists from other states in a campaign to spread awareness of their plight and improve their economic situation.

Our July – August 2020 campaign will reach:
Bengali Baul folk musicians
Himachal, Bihar, Gujarat and Punjabi folk musicians
Classical and semi-classical musicians from all over India

We hope to continue producing high quality and culturally significant live performances, and to make them easily accessible to a world audience.

With the support of a dedicated and passionate team,  vision was quickly embraced by hundreds of people who poured their love and interest into the project. A worldwide community of musicians and music lovers has formed to create Vasudev Kutumbkam meaning, “the whole world is one big house”.

Raaga Science aims to share wisdom about Indian music and to teach the science behind the music according to Indian mythology and philosophy. This includes the four Vedas and 108 Upanishads, writings which form the foundation of Indian understanding. In these writings, it is explained that naada yoga or, the yoga of sound and vibration, is the highest form of yoga. Naada yoga, which emphasises sound and meditation rather than physical movement, is understood to be the only practice which offers a connection to God and the cosmos. Through this spiritual music practice, it is believed that one can find salvation and oneness as have many spiritual leaders, saints and prophets such as Krishna, Jesus, Moses, Mohamed, Rama and others. Naada yoga also offers a path to greater internal awareness and peace.


About Inroots Music

Contemporary music is hugely popular, promoted and recognised worldwide as compared to the traditional folk music of India. Inroots proposed to give a global exposure to the folk music of respective regions through exchange and fusion. Inroots also aims to protect novelty with an emphasis on cultivating the musicians to preserve their original forms of music. Inroots formed from an association of fellow folk musicians who have been working for a long time to promote the cultures of folk music. They have come together under one roof to bring forth a unique, strong and consolidated effort and this is what has defined the company. Their aim is to bring the world on a stage “raangmanch” of the folk music – the entire globe connected through the sound of soil, the melody of the soul and the music of life. 

Our Mission

Music is the best game-changer; it instantly changes the whole feeling. Raaga Science understands the importance and value of music, it's more than just music. We aim to spread awareness amongst people about how they can heal themselves by using music for therapy by combining it with yoga meditation and listening to it in a certain way. Many schools and colleges around the world offer courses with so much knowledge, practice and industrial connect, we give you the logic also behind this.

Our Vision

We envisage a global community of music and cultural enthusiasts that are not only passionate about the entertainment value of music, but also want to support the artists and nurture their traditions. Raaga Science is growing a platform to enjoy, explore and promote the many benefits that music and yoga have on our mental and physical health. We aim to connect like-minded people from around the world who want to engage with the wonderful art forms and spiritual traditions of India.

About The Founder

Mr. Nawab Khan 

Born into a family with a long lineage of classical artists, Nawab has a deep love for the music of India. He chooses to walk the road less travelled, with his love for santoor. He became from good to best in a short while and travelled the world with invitations from organisations and royal families. Nawab completed his bachelor’s in music and then learned music healing therapy from Shri Govind Khalla ji & Arvind Pareek ji. He has worked with many great artists during his journey, including Ustaad Ghulfam Mustafa Khan, Ustaad Dastgeer Khan, Ustaad Sharif Ghuzal and many others. He also played along Philip Jacob Carlos Gettezto and George Scott. Nawab has many famous listeners who love his creations and art, expressed through his delicate 100-stringed instrument. Prince Charles, Siya Muslim spiritual leader his highness Aga Khan, Sting, Michel Douglas, Madonna, Kenyan president Kibaki, Liz Hurley and Lora Piana. His work does not stop here he has worked with the music film makers on various documentaries around the world.

Nawab Khan is more than an artist, with a vision not only to entertain but also lead the music industry to another level with all its magical elements known to those who seek. He wants to entertain, heal and educate and use the musical string to connect people globally.

Guru of Nawab Jii

About the Managing Partner

 Tim Smolenaers

Tim is a guitar teacher and social worker from Ballarat, Australia. He is very fond of raaga music genres as well as the spiritual traditions and culture of India. Tim met Nawab while travelling Rajasthan and has been a close friend since. He volunteers with Raaga Science because he wants to help with the social initiatives and enjoys all the live performances, yoga and music lessons. He hopes to one day live in India with his family, where he can continue working with Raaga Science while being immersed in the vibrant atmosphere of Indian life.

What we do

Live concerts

We have done hundreds of live sessions on our official Facebook Page with artists from all over the world.

Interactive sessions

Discussions with the musicians and artists to meet and learn from them. We also conduct 1 on 1 sessions with people dealing with any sort of mental issue.

Yoga Sessions

Yoga helps our mental and physical health and brings great peace to our lives.  We conduct regular yoga sessions for our members.


Meditation helps us in relaxing our mind. Daily guided music meditation sessions are a wonderful and important way to develop many healthy qualities in life.

Sound Healing

Special sound therapy that heals the mind and soul. We have regular sessions for improving well-being with experienced facilitators from around the world.

Music Lessons

We are currently running weekly music lessons for anyone wanting to learn Hindustani Classical Music from experienced teachers and performers.

Our Location

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