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What is Raaga Science?

Raaga Science is the initiative of Inroots Music & Mother World Foundation. The trust has a long history of work in health sectors, providing free health checkups, and distributing free medicine and education to the needy and rural village people.

Raaga Science is the community of music and cultural enthusiasts who collectively fund live Hindustani classical music concerts as well as yoga, meditation music, sound healing, and folk performances.

We also run charitable initiatives to support the artists and their families. Raaga Science aims to ensure a strong future for India’s precious traditions by creating work for the artists, helping their communities and schools, and promoting these beautiful art forms to the world.

Festival Celebrations!

While the world is going through the COVID-19 pandemic, Raaga Science is humbly providing a live platform to showcase the incredible musicians and artists of Indian traditions. Many artists have graciously shared their passion and talents with a global online audience in a beautiful gesture of positivity during these troubling times. 

Events are broadcast live on the Raaga Science Facebook page where you can also watch all the past videos, festivals and solo performances.

Raaga Science was founded by internationally acclaimed santoorist Ustad Nawab Khan. The way he has worked with so many people during this lockdown has been noticed and appreciated by many big and small communities, organisations and royal families. Nawab ji and a team of dedicated volunteers started this movement to support the small artists and music schools with funding generously donated by people and sponsors from around the world. Raaga Science works with a vision to preserve the classical and folk art of India, conserving the beautiful and powerful essence of life with it. Music is not just for entertainment purposes but has so much scientific and spiritual qualities that heal the body, mind and soul with assurance, peace and security.

Join Raaga Science!

The generosity of our patron supporters is what makes Raaga Science possible. Membership provides funds to continue our social initiatives and to create work for the artists for everybody to watch and enjoy.

Patron members are invited to join private live sessions for special concerts and discussions with senior musicians, yoga and meditation classes, and weekly Hindustani classical music lessons.

Patron Membership

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  • 250 Live Session
  • 100 Zoom Session For Meditation
  • Yoga Session by professional live from exotic locations of peace

Bank Details For Direct Donation.

Beneficiary Name – INROOTS LLP

IFSC Code – ICIC0000586

Account Number – 058605002252

(Note – Bank Transfer Require Minimun Rs 999 & Above.)

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